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The Power of Storytelling for Animal Welfare and Environmental Clients

Our vision at Public Communications Inc. is to “work with purpose to make a positive difference for our clients and the world,” and this comes to life for PCI staffers every day. For those of us who work with wildlife and environmental clients, that goal has taken us on a multi-continent journey over the past few months supporting mission-driven clients that are conducting critical conservation work globally.

With deep experience in animal welfare and conservation science, our team is called upon as expert communications partners for clients in North America, Central America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Australia.

Telling the truth about animals around the globe

The work of these clients is urgent. Because of human pressures, animal species are disappearing every day, going extinct 1,000 times faster than they would naturally. Rapid rates of deforestation, urbanization, ocean pollution and climate change are among the threats that conservation organizations need to make their audiences understand.

Photo courtesy of Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo

Increasing awareness about threatened species

Recently, one of our clients was urgently called upon to rehabilitate a rescued baby manatee that had ingested plastic bags. Our client – an expert in manatee recovery that has rehabilitated hundreds of manatees in Florida – feels an urgency to increase awareness about the threats of ocean pollution and boat strikes to manatee populations. The rescued baby, still recovering, is named Emoji, and we are working on a campaign to have a manatee emoji created in his honor in order to spark more conversations, increase awareness and strengthen affinity for manatees.

From the shores of Florida, to the forests of Rwanda and the flyways of North America, our conservation clients are urgently working to save threatened species. PCI team members share that feeling of urgency and understand how strategic communications that engages people to care about nature and wildlife can help shift the pendulum between species being protected or slipping into extinction.     

A global perspective on animal welfare

Being truth tellers and providing an “outside” and global perspective as experienced communications counselors helps us give our clients the power to move audiences and inspire action.

Whatever country we call home, we all share one thing in common – the power of storytelling as a communications tool.

Stories build connections with our communities. Generations pass down stories that link us to history. In this digital world we also build immediate connections through social media by posting strategic mini-stories to foster bonds with individuals and select audiences around the world at lightning speed. Whatever country we call home, we all share one thing in common – the power of storytelling as a communications tool.

Creating connections through strategic communications

Whether it's the United Arab Emirates or Indonesia, Sweden or Mexico, or right here at home in the United States PCI creates effective communications strategies for conservation organizations and zoological associations that help our clients fulfill their mission of saving nature and protecting wildlife. We are passionate about working with a purpose, whether the goal is to protect the global and local environment, educate multiple generations, or inspire change to help ensure a fair and just society - real connection made possible through strategic communications. 


Sharon Dewar is a Vice President leading strategy for conservation clients. Watching the movie Gorillas in the Mist when she was 12 years old, and learning about the work of gorilla guru Dian Fossey changed her world view and shaped her career choice.