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How to add purpose and pizzazz to your storytelling


They make us laugh, cry, relate and remember. Stories are one of the most powerful communication tools we use because they build connections. And in public relations they have power: the power to move audiences, inspire action and enhance brands.

Here at Public Communications Inc. (PCI), diverse communication counselors have honed our storytelling skills to bring extraordinary results to our clients. We are passionate about working with purpose, and storytelling is a favorite tool in many client program strategies, whether the goal is to provide healthcare services and products that improve wellness and quality of life; protect the global and local environment; educate multiple generations; design beautiful and sustainable structures; or inspire change to help ensure a fair and just society.

Here are a few tips on how to be an effective storyteller in your communications:



Today you need more than a message or a bullet point to communicate effectively. Incorporate your message into a compelling story with a beginning, middle and end. 

Add Heart

A touch of passion, a pull on the heartstrings or an "aha" moment can help grab your audience’s attention. It also can evoke feeling and enable you to connect with an audience on an emotional level that is memorable and long-lasting.              


Stories build connections. Generations pass down stories that give us a touchstone for who we are and link us to our history. In the digital world we have the opportunity build connections through social media channels and by posting strategic “mini-stories” that can foster bonds with individuals and select audiences.    

Get Real

Marketers are endlessly claiming that millennials demand authenticity. I contend that everyone – regardless of societal label – values the genuine talk and real connection made possible through communications.    

Picture This

The world has never had so many photographers; millions of us walk around with a mobile device camera every day. Pictures enrich stories. When I studied photography I learned to capture photos that convey a story without words. Think visually and use images to enhance your stories.  


Thoughtful and strategic storytelling is a learned skill honed through practice and by following a few simple steps. Whether online, in print or addressing an audience, you can practice purposeful storytelling to inspire, motivate and even to help change the world for the better.

That’s exactly what we do every day at PCI. Are you ready to tell your brand’s story in a more compelling way that connects you with your key audiences? Our team members have a wealth of knowledge and experience, and we’re ready to help. 

Jill Allread, APR is Chief Executive Officer, Public Communications Inc., and has been a co-owner of the agency for more than 20 years.