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Happy Mother's Day!


As a women-owned business, PCI knows what working moms master every day, juggling obligations of clients and family. But how much do their kids know about what mom does at the office? This Mother’s Day we turned the tables and had PCI’s many mothers ask their children, “What is it that I do all day?”

“You sit in an office with a spreadsheet and mess with numbers.” – Karsten, age 15

“You do a little bit of everything. From writing press releases, to helping people learn how to speak on camera, to consulting with a variety of clients daily, your job consists of maintaining positive images for the many people you represent!” - Sydney, age 20 (minoring in PR!)

“You write stuff. Edit stuff. Research stuff.”
“What stuff?”
“Medical stuff, outbreaks, cures for diseases.”
“Who do I do that for?”
“Yes, but who do we do it for?”
“I don’t know. Companies?” – Will, age 18

“You go to lots of meetings, talk on the phone and work on your computer all day.” – Grace, age 11 and Emma, age 8

“You work with clients in the medical field and teach them how to speak in front of audiences and a camera, as well as how to present themselves to the media positively!” – Riley, age 18

“I don’t know. You do PR stuff.” – RJ, age 18 and Ryan, age 15

"So, I think your job is helping companies talk about what they do so people understand them better and like them more; and you help people who mess up, fix their problems so they don’t look bad. You also help them talk about the good things they do and write messages. Oh, and one more thing, you help people clarify things so no one gets mad.” – Nina, age 13

Happy Mother’s Day to all of our amazing PCI moms!