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International Women’s Day: A note from Jill

Today the world celebrates the countless contributions women make to economic, environmental and social justice and to improving the well-being of people of all ages.

Happy International Women's Day!

The purposeful work we do here at PCI, a women-owned business, is just one expression of the creativity and talents of our women team members.

The women of PCI make profound contributions not only at work, but as coaches, caregivers, artists, trainers, advocates, mothers, daughters, volunteers, speakers, organizers, music makers and more.

We also recognize that today is “A Day Without Women,” an action calling attention to the critical contributions of women. One action step suggests not spending money today unless it supports a women-owned business. In solidarity, we provided lunch for our staff today, supporting a local women-owned catering company.

Let's celebrate the amazing milestones achieved through the collective work of women, and recognize - and support - women's ongoing struggles for equality around the world. Together we can continue to make change that makes the world better for all.

Jill Allread, APR is Chief Executive Officer, Public Communications Inc., and has been a co-owner of the agency for more than 20 years.