Infectious disease (ID) is the second leading cause of death worldwide. ID specialists are trained to deal with bacterial, fungal and viral infections, and their expertise is critical to protecting public health.

Yet the specialty faces significant threats from changes in the healthcare system and a decline in interest from new doctors entering into the profession. 

To reverse this trend, four of the nation’s leading ID-related organizations joined forces to host a comprehensive conference on infectious diseases. 

IDWeek retained Public Communications Inc. for its second year to increase awareness of the meeting and the importance of the ID specialty.

And it worked. 

The 2013 conference generated more than double the media coverage of the inaugural IDWeek through an award-winning campaign that reinforced the value of the new meeting and ID specialists in general. 


  • 8,850 Media Placements

  • 400 Original Stories

  • 361M+ Impressions

  • 50+ Reporters Tuned In




Making national headlines isn’t PR magic. 

We work closely with our clients to understand their challenges, identify opportunities and think strategically with them to create a game plan.

Then we work hard to make it happen.


How did we do it?

We established the meeting as a “can’t miss” event for healthcare reporters – 34 attended the on-site newsroom hosted by our team and 27 participated remotely. 

We combed through more than 1,500 abstracts to find the most newsworthy subjects and worked closely with doctors and media to help share the story while simultaneously reinforcing key messages about ID specialists.


The result? 

To reverse this trend, four of the nation's leading ID-related organizations joined forces to host a comprehensive conference on infectious diseases.

A story about a new “poop pill” – with serious positive implications for public health – swept the nation, and a study on antibiotic overuse in strep throat and bronchitis raised awareness about the importance of their appropriate use.

This press room is your model – the PCI model. All the good press rooms are your model.
— National healthcare reporter



Evaluate 1,500 abstracts for newsworthiness

Develop media relations strategy and materials

Coordinate on-site press conferences

Provide speaker training

Handle media pitching, correspondence and interview coordination

Host a full-service on-site newsroom

Work hard and well, winning over doctors, reporters and event staff

IDWeek 2013’s success established a new model for infectious disease meetings going forward.

We now manage this annual event and continue to help ID specialists protect public health through greater awareness.