What We Do


We help people and organizations with purpose craft and share their stories.


Communications Strategy and PR Counsel

We offer strategic support and counsel to our clients, bringing an outside perspective that allows us to ask the tough questions and partner with you to identify the right opportunities.

Digital Strategy

We leverage online insights to craft effective and creative digital campaigns, develop content strategies, monitor issues and generate engagement that drives real-world success.

See a breakdown of PCI Digital services here.

Crisis Communications and Issues Management

Clients turn to us to manage issues before they become a crisis and deal with crises when the bottom falls out. Our senior counselors work 24/7 to assess the issue, help clients gain control, clearly communicate the facts, and work to maintain public confidence, which is often based on how the crisis was handled and communicated rather than the crisis itself.

Media Relations

We have more than 20 media specialists in daily contact with reporters, producers, bloggers, and influencers. We know what media wants and provide them with the materials, spokespersons, and compelling images that generate meaningful coverage from national and local outlets.

Spokesperson Training

Can you confidently share your story? We can help by getting you out of your chair and in front of a camera or behind a podium. Our media trainers, many of them former journalists, concentrate on helping you gain control of an interview and deliver clear and compelling messages. You'll learn how reporters and producers work and gain valuable practice and coaching to maximize any opportunity.

Cyber Security Communications

Are you ready to face a cyber security incident? Organizations of all types can be targets. Don’t face your customers, board, employees or the media without a communications action plan. PCI works closely with attorneys and IT forensics firms to help organizations prepare for, defend against and recover from data breaches. Check out our cyber security case study.

Integrated Marketing & Communications

Whether you are raising awareness or addressing an issue, we develop and
implement creative campaigns designed to meet key objectives. We create the strategy, segment key audiences, develop the materials and assets, then activate the campaign across a variety of channels in a unified approach to help you simplify the process and get results.

Strategic Planning

If you don’t know where you’re going, how will you get there? We help organizations of every shape and size plan the future they want and develop a roadmap to get there. Our approach engages stakeholders throughout the process, from initial surveys to facilitating group sessions, to ensure the finished plan offers an actionable, pragmatic path to your goals.

On-the-Ground Event Support

Our team of 55 counselors, media specialists, writers and event planning professionals are available to help you do whatever it takes to pull off a successful press conference, annual meeting, grand opening, gala or special event, from planning and logistics to on-the-ground support.

Think of us as an extended member of your team: a mind for strategy and “already on it” support for those tiny-but-essential details.

We provide full-service communications support to clients and programs of every size and scale. Our team thinks strategically to shape the big idea, and provides the arms and legs support to make it happen.